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Language Lab

05 Lingua, a language lab software which helps the students to improve their Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing Skills. Basically it provides a complete training on English but provides a facility to teach any language with same model. 05 Lingua comes with 50 hours of English lessons and provides a facility to extend it according to their need. As of the support and service feature of the software, the lessons will be updated soon and provides a complete collection of over 300 hours of learning features.


05 Lingua: Facilities for Teacher

·         Provides assigning, broadcasting, listening, monitoring and more facilities to the teacher

·         Teacher can assign lessons to each student separately or to a set of students

·         Teacher can listen to any selected students without their knowledge

·         Teacher can monitor a student’s activity by viewing the student screen without his knowledge

·         Teacher can interact with a selected student without disturbing others

·         Teacher can monitor each student’s activity through an easy notification based teacher console

·         Teacher can control the applications running on the student machine

·         Teacher has a facility to add new lessons and manage an existing lesson

·         Teacher can add any audio and video files and manage them as a lesson


05 Lingua: Facilities for Students

·         Students can listen, read and speak the lessons

·         Students can raise doubts which will be notified in the teacher console

·         Students can interact with the staff whenever needed

·         For reading and speaking practice, student can read and record the available lesson and can play the recorded audio

·         Students can keep track of their learning process through the history of lessons learnt


System Requirements for Language Lab

Processor: Intel Core2Duo or more (more than 2.5 Ghz)

RAM: 3 GB or more (Recommended) for Server-main sysytem

          , 2 GB (Minimum) for Client-students use

Hard Disk: 80 GB (Minimum)

Operating System: Windows 7

Other Requirements: Head phones with mike, 100 Mbps LAN

No of Systems:  25


Software Package Includes

·         05 Lingua Server – Language Lab Server Software to be used by teacher

·         05 Lingua Client – Language Lab Client Software to be used by students

·         50 hours of English Language Lessons (will be updated to 300 hours in service updates)