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    Meaning- Above shloke denotes that, it is not exaggeration that women should and must be worshipped because they enlighten the whole world with their knowledge like a cosmic star. Influenced by this the chief motto of this institution is seven dimension development of the students to provide such an education to woman which is correlation of traditional Arya Sanskriti and modern technological education at higher level.

    • To provide women a wider access towards education of excellence, knowledge, skill and confidence.
    • To infuse the spirit of Indian culture among the women.
    • To bring for the creative ideas through various competitive and creative activities.
    • To infuse the Arya Sanskriti culture and values among the women’s.
    • To make them physically strong & healthy with yoga practices.
    • To empower them with the self-defense techniques.
    • To make them self-dependent through various vocational courses.
    • To mould them into a responsible citizen of the nation.


    Our vision overall development of the women To imbibe knowledge, skills and to promotes the Arya Sanskriti (Language, Literature and science) by the medium of women’s education and make them able and efficient. A constant effort is going on in the institution to make women self secure and self-dependent so that they together create a society which is morally strong and can be able to provide positive energy in the progress of the nation.